Be Your CEO

Sometimes, I sense that there are many parts within me – multiple selves that seem to be at war with one another.

A part of me wants to laze around and sleep; another is driven to do something productive.

A part of me is contented with living a simple life; another wants to experience life to the fullest.

A part of me craves for certainty and sense of being in control;  another is easygoing and readily goes with the flow.

A part of me gets upset easily; another is as cool as a cucumber.

A part of me likes to dream and imagine the unimaginable; another gets realistic and pragmatic.

A part of me is disciplined and consistent; another is a serial procrastinator.

Deep down, I know it’s up to me to pick up the mantle and take the lead.

It’s up to me to be the conductor of this orchestra and turn the cacophony into a symphony.

It’s up to me to be the captain and get the different players to play together as a cohesive team.

It’s up to me to be the CEO of Me Inc. and harness these diverse forces to live a good life and be a force for good in the world.