Finishing is Sweet

The new moon in Aquarius has emerged today. This year, it also coincides with the start of the Lunar New Year. New moon and new year – they almost always present us with an opportunity for a ‘fresh start.’ It also gives us a second chance to play catch up with the New Year resolutions or intentions made at the start of 2022 that we have either forgotten or failed to act on.

Whilst it’s tempting to ‘press restart’ with a renewed sense of optimism, perhaps it’s helpful to harness the energies of this Aquarian lunation to finish what we have started. Don’t wait for that elusive ‘someday.’ Stop procrastinating.

When it comes to finishing, done is better than perfect. The transition from a ‘work-in-progress’ to a ‘finished product’ might be subtle, but crossing the finishing line is a significant milestone, like the birth of a child. The creation takes on a life of its own.

There’s something sweet about finishing – a sense of fulfilment, achievement, and closure. It is complete. And we can now move on to something else without the lingering thoughts of incompletion.

I’ve always been inspired by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s quote: “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

And now, I would add my own: “Whatever dreams you have begun pursuing, finish them. Finishing has joy, liberation, and sweetness in it.”

Now, give yourself the sweet gift of finishing, will you?