Look Back Wisely

It’s often been said that looking back is pointless, as it isn’t going to change anything. Life has got be lived forward.  Although unchangeable, the past is a treasure trove of wisdom, resources, and experiences. Wouldn’t it be foolish to overlook these gems of life?  What if we looked back wisely?

Look back to connect the dots and make sense of the past, not to find the path for the future.

Look back to be glad of the path that has led you here, not to regret over missed opportunities.

Look back to learn from failures and mistakes, not to beat yourself up.

Look back to forgive yourself of wrong doings, not to drown in shame or guilt.

Look back to grateful for what is gained, not to lament over what is lost.

Look back to cherish your memories, not to hold onto them forever.

Look back to accept what has happened, not to wish that it was different.

Look back to celebrate how far you have come, not to worry about how for more you need to go.

Look back to count your blessings, not to cry over your misfortunes.

Look back to appreciate those who brought you comfort or joy, not to resent those who have caused you sorrow or pain.

“Looking back, we see with great clarity, and what once appeared as difficulties now reveal themselves as blessings.” ~ Dan Millman.