Cherish the Ordinary

Today is just another ordinary workday – a stark contrast to a hectic Lunar New Year holiday filled with non-stop reunion meals and meaningful conversations with family and friends.  Just a couple of Zoom calls to attend, emails to clear, and some work to be completed. 

No drama.  Nothing spectacular happened.  Strangely, it’s remarkably relaxing, peaceful, and enjoyable.  I get what Khalil Gibran meant when he wrote “Work is love made visible.”

For Milo, every day is ordinary, and yet he seems happy and contented most of the time. Perhaps, he has discovered the secret to happiness through cherishing the ordinary.

“There are many more ordinary hours in life than extraordinary ones.  We wait in line at the supermarket.  We spend hours commuting to work. We water our plants and feed our pets.  Happiness means finding a moment of joy in those ordinary hours.”

~ Haemin Sunim