Beliefs, Walls, and Bridges

We are born without any hereditary beliefs. All the beliefs we possess now were acquired over time.  Beliefs are what we hold to be true. We see the world and make interpretations of what we see through the filters of our beliefs.

We cannot not have beliefs. Life wouldn’t work without them.  However, at times, our lives don’t work because of them too. 

Consider beliefs as ‘bricks’ that we pick up along our journey through life.  With each brick, we construct or expand a structure to make sense of and navigate the world. We can build a castle, a wall, a bridge, or anything imaginable. 

A ‘wall’ is used to separate what’s connected. It divides. Over time, that which began as one grows into distinct parts. A ‘bridge’ connects the separated. It provides access from one side to another, enables mutual exchange and shaping of shared understanding. It enables the discovery of a common ground that could pave the way for that which are separated to become somewhat whole again.

Walls and bridges are both necessary, and there will always new bricks.   How we use them has a profound impact on our lives.

At times, we need to loosen some of the bricks in our walls, hold some beliefs lightly, let in new ideas even if they contradict or challenge our existing beliefs, and build more bridges.


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