To enhance focus, speed up.

Tonight, as I raced up the steps leading up to the stadium to give my heart a good workout, I noticed a remarkable increase in my focus on where I was stepping.  The image which immediately sprung to mind was an F1 driver giving 100% concentration to what he was doing, and shutting out from everything else in the world. A slight distraction may mean a fatal crash. In my case, perhaps a mis-step leading to a painful tumble.

I wonder if that observation applies to business and leadership too. To get people to stay focused, leaders need to up the tempo and drum up the pace.


NOW is a good time to start.

Every now and then, my mind gets hijacked by a deluge of random thoughts.  And each time that occurred, I wished I had captured them. Sometimes, I jot them down either on a notebook or  the phone. Other times, I just let them go by. And today, in the midst of an evening run, I experienced another episode. Only this time, one of the thoughts said:

“Blog it, starting from today, and now is a good time.”

And here am I, writing my first post since this blog site was created almost 2 years ago. Unbelievable! I’ve deliberately left the original “Hello world!” post dated March 5, 2011 to remind myself of how well I have mastered the art of procrastination.  I’m not proud of that, but I’m glad that I finally figured out what got in the way.

It’s silly, but real.  I got stuck at filling up the default “About” page. Fed up with feeling stuck and not knowing what to say about myself or this site, I simply deleted it. And then came a breakthrough! Barrier removed. No more obstacles. I’m free to get on with capturing my random thoughts.

Somehow, things always seem simpler in hindsight.

Today, I learnt that getting clear on “What’s really stopping me?” and taking small actions to address that can be a great way to jumpstart myself into action.

So, what’s really stopping you from doing what you want to do?